Ideal world


The passion for photography came to Igor at an early age, and now, for more than 30 years, he has been following his vocation. His early works of the 1990s can now be called a black and white classic of the Kharkiv school of photography. His author’s handwriting reads the classic accuracy of proportions, balanced composition and impeccable technical performance. Igor is a perfectionist in photography, with this quality of his character harmonizes the theme of his latest author’s series of works «Ideal World. Ukraine»

The ideal world is a world where people are happy just to be: to live, work, love, look at the sky and the sun. The photos in this series are not staged in the full sense of the word – they are not a staging of life, but they are far from reporting. The camera selects the happy moments of life, made in its entirety. Here photography is like painting, in which there is no acute temporal component: time seems to have stopped or lasts forever. And it happens only at the request of the artist. Such is Igor Karpenko’s «Ideal World»

The ideal world is a world where people are happy just to be: to live, to work, to love, to look at the sky and the sun.

Igor Karpenko, photographer

Project Goal

Show Ukraine from its strengths and best sides, capturing
beautiful landscapes, happy and productive moments of people’s lives, their work, holidays, love for their homeland. At the same time addressing the viewer in modern, relevant and original visual language of photography, thus creating a new “iconography” of our country, taking its image beyond the clichés created by negative socio-political realities.

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